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When does a manuscript become a book?

The other day a bloke came to build an additional doorjamb and install a screen door. Conversationally he asked me what I did for a living. “I’m a writer,” I said. “Oh cool,” he seemed impressed. “What do you write?” “Fiction mostly,” I told him. “I write fiction books for young adults.” “Oh,” he looked at me and scratched his head. “Yeah, I could do that....


Why do you write?

Someone asked me this this morning. It was in response to a litany of whiny complaints from me about my current lack of motivation (or what I prefer to call writer’s block),  procrastination, financial pressure, little support, isolation… I could go on and on. And I did. Until the question was posed. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Why do I write? Why do...


I am a writer. I really am.

I’m writing today. I’m two thousand words down so far, and it feels great. I’m now just over half way through my third novel. But I have to work really hard to make sure I get a few free days to write each week. I’m determined not to let life get in the way of making progress on this manuscript. My first novel took ten...