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Fake Profile, is now available in all good book shops. If you have kids who use Facebook, you’ll want to read it. If  you can’t find it in your local bookshop ask them to order it, or it purchase it directly from Satalyte Publishing.

Fake Profile is a story about a group of young teens who set up a Fake Facebook profile for one of their friends. It quickly gets out of hand when a single post goes viral. Events spiral into uncontrolled chaos resulting in devastating circumstances that none of the friends could possibly have foreseen.  The story is gritty and real and happens far more often than you might realise. There is a Stage 4 English teaching program, based on the new national curriculum, to accompany the novel. The teaching program is included FREE with every class set of books ordered. Get your copy today!


Writers’ Group News

The Write Story is a writing program to support and develop young people’s writing. The Writers’ Groups are run in stages including Stage 3 (Yr5 and 6), Stage 4 (Yr 7 and 8), Stage 5 (Yr 9 and 10) and Stage 6 (Yr 11 and 12).

Bookings for the writers’ groups are now closed. But check back soon for exciting news about the groups in 2015!  In the meantime if you’d like to subscribe to the newsletter, there’s a button on the top right-hand side of the website, or you can drop me a line here. Just put “subscribe” into the subject line.